Car Registration Spain

Do you want to register a new car in Spain? register a fleet of cars? Do you need to register an import, foreign or historic car? Do you want to register a foreign car due to a change of residence from the EU or third countries?

If you are looking for a car registration agency we can help you, advising you on the steps to be taken and with the minimum costs to be able to do it quickly and effectively.

You have to take into account that the costs vary depending on the CO2 emissions and the municipality in which you currently reside, as municipal taxes vary according to the different communities.

In addition, if you want to register an imported car purchased from a private individual, the corresponding transfer tax must be added (5% of the current value of the vehicle, although it may vary depending on the province).

Therefore, in the vast majority of cases of buying and selling imported cars and to reduce registration costs, it is more economical to buy it from professionals in the sector who issue an invoice (and thus avoid paying the transfer tax).

In the case of new cars bought in Spanish territory, we will need the electronic technical data sheet or the triptych of the technical data sheet that they provide you (copy user, copy industry, copy traffic).

Advantages of registering a car with us

✔️ You don’t waste time and without previous appointments like in traffic.

✔️ We can register your car, motorcycle, truck, van, or any other vehicle.

✔️ We take care of submitting all the documentation for you and check that everything is correct.

✔️ We take care of registering the registration taxes telematically (model 576), transfer taxes and payment of traffic taxes.

✔️ Specialized in new and imported cars from the European Union EU (Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Romania, Sweden) and also from outside the EU.

✔️ We get you the license plates so you can circulate, if for some reason you need to circulate with the vehicle before registering it for ITV or homologations issues, we can get you the temporary green plates until the process is finished (they have 60 days of duration).

✔️ Cheaper price and significant time savings by doing it through an agency like ours.

✔️ Car registration service in Barcelona, although we can register any vehicle in national territory.

What documents are needed to register a car at DGT?

✔️ If you are a private individual: DNI, NIE or Passport with the updated address or in its absence the census certificate of the place where you are residing.

✔️ If a company is involved, the CIF and the original DNI, NIE or Passport of the representative will be required together with this document of representation of legal persons.

✔️ Technical Sheet : either electronic NIVE or paper format sheet.

✔️ Mandate of representation (download here) of the buyer to be able to carry out the formalities on your behalf.

✔️ Invoice of purchase or Sales Contract (in case you have purchased the car from a private individual abroad).

✔️ Proof of payment of the municipal tax.

✔️ Proof of payment of the registration tax (model 576 or 05 of the AEAT – Agencia Tributaria).

Registration of Imported Cars in Spain

In addition to the documents indicated above, it will also be necessary to register your foreign car with the documents listed below.

Registration of New Foreign Cars from the European Union EU

✔️ Original foreign technical data sheet.

✔️ Proof of payment of VAT (forms 390 or 300) or justify that you are included in the census of VAT taxable persons.

NOTE: for VAT purposes, a vehicle is considered to be new when it does not exceed 6000km or with a maximum of 6 months since it was put into circulation.

✔️ Certificate of Conformity or COC, an essential document to pass the ITV (schedule itv here) and to obtain the Spanish Technical Certificate, otherwise it will be necessary to obtain the reduced certificate issued by an engineer and, depending on the case, individual homologation.

Registration of Foreign Used Cars acquired in the European Union.

✔️ Original foreign technical data sheet.

✔️ Signed sales contract (if purchased from a private individual).

✔️ Sales invoice (if sold to you by a European dealer, remember that VAT must appear on the invoice and the dealer must be registered as an intra-Community trader)

✔️ Invoice of sale + Proof of vehicle purchase and sale activity (in case it has been sold to you by a Spanish dealer you must provide a copy of the corresponding IAE, which in most cases is Epígrafe 654.1 Comercio al menor de vehículos terrestres).

Registration of Cars from Foreign Countries – Outside the European Union

In the case of cars purchased in countries outside the European Union, also known as third countries, it will be necessary to:

✔️ Original foreign data sheet.

✔️ DUA (Documento único administrativo) which is a document to declare international trade operations of goods, in this case cars, either import or export.

How much does a car pay in registration tax in Spain?

The registration tax for imported and new cars is based on a percentage of the value of the vehicle and is calculated according to the CO2 emissions (box V7 of the technical data sheet).

If you need to calculate the registration tax for new or imported cars, you should base your calculation on the following values:

-From 120gr/KM – you would pay 0% – exempt from paying the tax.

-Between 120gr/KM and 160gr/KM – you would pay 4.75%.

-Between 160gr/KM and 200gr/KM – you would pay 9,75%.

-More than 200gr/KM – you would pay 14.75% (in Catalonia it would be 16%).

-Changes of residence of a vehicle coming from the EU – exempt from payment (although you will have to process the application at the Tax Agency and they will grant it).

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How much Municipal Tax is paid when registering a car?

This other municipal tax, better known as IVTM or Tax on Vehicles of Mechanical Traction is paid according to the fiscal horses that the car has, the municipality where you reside and by quarters (according to the date of the year in which you register it).

Rates for cars and mixed vehicles from 6 to 9 authorized seats, both included, counting the driver:

  • From less than 8 fiscal horsepower: 23.47 euros.
  • From 8 to 11.99 fiscal horsepower: 64.06 Euros
  • From 12 to 15.99 fiscal horsepower: 136.69 Euros
  • From 16 to 19,99 fiscal horses: 172,05 euros
  • From 20 or more fiscal horsepower: 217,28 euros

How much is the Spanish Car Registration Tax?

This fee is 98.78 euros (updated 2023) and scooters under 50cc pay 27.57 euros.

How much does it cost to register a car in Spain?

It depends on the type of CO2 emissions and fiscal power, among others. Contact us and we will give you an estimate.

What do I have to do to register a car in Spain?

Make the payment of the traffic taxes, register the taxes and present the documentation in Traffic (DGT).

As we are a vehicle agency we can present the paperwork every day without previous appointment and we take care of the whole process including the license plates, which we will send you together with the final documentation.

How long does it take to register a car in Spain?

Normally about 7-10 days if everything is correct, if the vehicle has to be homologated the process takes longer and depends on each vehicle.

Can I drive the car while it is being registered?

You can not drive without plates or papers, in these cases while the documentation is being prepared, temporary green plates can be processed to be able to drive the vehicle while the definitive documentation is being prepared.